Friday, January 30, 2009

Were Back !!!!

Kirsten and I took some time during the holidays to just enjoy the wine we shared with others. It was mostly at family events. We managed to find some real gems that we will be reviewing in the next couple of weeks. We will be posting new reviews in the next couple of days.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Don't Worry !!!

Finances hit rock bottom a few weeks back and the wine blog was the first to be put on hold. Remember we will gladly receive wine donations. E-mail me at to get my snail mail info.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beringer Moscato

Kevin's Take: I love this wine! It's a sweet wine and it goes down like cool aid. My only wish is that it lingered in my mouth a bit longer. I give it five stars.
Kirsten's Take:
This was a littl etoo sweet for me. Kevin requested a moscato and I had never had one before. It totally tasted like now-n-laters and I couldn't have a second glass. not a fan 2 stars.

Yellow Tail Shiraz

Kevin's Take:I enjoyed this red wine. I give is 4 stars.

Take: This was a great affordable Shiraz. It went well with pasta for dinner and I would definitely buy it again 4 stars for me too.

Stone Cliff Riesling

Kevin's Take: We had this wine a few weeks ago and I can't remember if I liked it. So This one was definitely forgettable. I give it three stars.

Kirsten's Take: I liked it ok. It was definately forgetable but a good crisp riesling. Pleasant to drink and I didn't mind finishing the bottle. 3 stars

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ecco Domani Chianti

Kevin's Take: This Chianti surprised me. It has some punch to the mouth and I quite enjoyed it with some pizza. This wine has a peppery finish but it was very well balanced. I like this one and would love to try it again with pasta.

Kirsten's Take: This is a great Chianti (although I haven't had very many of them). It has a great dark fruity smell and a strong flavor that is not very fruity but also not bitter at all and not dry on your tongue. It was great with the veggie pizza we ate for dinner. I will definitely want to have this wine again.

St. James Winery Velvet White

Kevin's Take: I enjoyed this wine. It was sweet. This wine was very light on the palate. You need to try this one if you like sweet wines.

Kirsten's Take: This one I've had several times before and picked it because I knew Kevin would like it. It has a great fruity concord grape smell and a clean taste that lingers. It is a great sweet wine it is very light and not overpowering. A great wine with dessert or for dessert. Love it

Monday, August 4, 2008

Fetzer Chardonnay

Kevin's Take: This wine has some faint Rubber Ducky smell. I tasted a little green apple. It is a light tasting wine. 3 Stars.

Kirsten's Take: I like this wine even though it was uneventful. It is hard to characterize much about it. That is, I guess, good and bad. It isn't an overpowering flavor or smell it has a nice tart taste to it and a very clean taste. I'm sure it would be great with appetizers or a light meal. It isn't a flavor that stays long in your mouth but it is pleasant. 4 stars

Red Lexia

Kevin's Take: I love this wine. I could drink this wine every night. It is fruity and sweet but not overpowering. Fantastic! Definitely 5 stars.

Kirsten's Take: I knew Kevin would like this wine. It is fruity and sweet. It does have a nice fruity smell very much like skittles and it has a clean finish. It is tingly in your mouth no alcohol burn really smooth, overall a great dessert wine, easy to drink.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fairbanks Port

Kevin's Take: This wine was super fruity and ridiculously sweet. The 18% alcohol volume was overpowering and this wine left me wishing it was better. The smell was just like inhaling rubbing alcohol. The taste made we gag. I tried to water it down with ice after giving the old college try. The ice helped at about 50% water 50% port. It was then palatable for me. I give this wine 1 star.

Kirsten's Take: This port wine was very sweet (way too sweet) it wasn't too bad refrigerated and with ice in it. I drank it (but that isn't saying much) never again. one star

Friday, July 25, 2008

Riverstone Chardonnay

Kevin's Take: This wine says it has the smell of grapefruit and nectarines. I get the nectarines but the taste is something I can't identify. I like it better than the Chianti but not enough to change the star scoring. I give it three stars.

Kirsten's Take: There was a very apricot smell and a huge citrus taste. I didn't really care much for this wine. The aftertastes lingered and the grapefruit taste really stayed too long in my mouth. Not my favorite wine. 2 stars.

Gabbiano Chianti

Kevin's Take: This wine smells like a rubber duck or a rubber toy. It tasted OK. It has a mouth drying effect so this is a dry wine. I'm going to decant this wine and try it again with some pizza. I give it three stars before decanting.

Kirsten's Take: I haven't had many Chiantis and I liked this one. I think it is great with pasta or pizza. It has a great smell a little dark fruit like plum. It was quite dry but not much for after taste. It has a very smokey smell like sausage and tasted even better after decanting for an hour or two. No big aftertast but definately dry on the tongue. 3 stars.

Beringer Pinot Noir

Kevin's Take: This wine was super peppery. Have you ever gone to add pepper to your meal and the top popped off or it just came out too fast. Then like a trooper you tried to eat that over seasoned meal. Well, Thats like this wine. Too much pepper. I give it 2 stars.

Kirsten's Take: The plus for this wine is that it is super smooth. It does have some pepper in the finish but it is a great red wine with a meal. It has a very subtle smell and a smooth taste that isn't very dry and no lingering aftertaste. If you like a mild and not too dry red wine this is a winner. 3 stars.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Glarus Fridolin White

Kevin's Take: This wine was very nice. It was fruity and one of the tastiest white wines we have had in a long while. I give it 4 stars.

Kirsten's Take: I loved this wine. It is a semi-sweet wine that would be great with poultry, salad, snacks, or just by itself. It was a very sweet grape smell and the taste was a little mellower. It is a very smooth wine that goes down very easy. I will make a point to have this wine again (and try not to share it) so I guess that qualifies it for Five stars.

Wisconsin Belgian Red

This is a cherry infused ale. It was described to us as a wine beer combination. We have had people ask us to blog about beer so this seemed like an opportunity to explore the wine/beer idea.
Kevin's Take: Uhm! Gross disgusting vomit. I'm not a beer fan so my beer palate is definitely warped. This one gets a one star because that the lowest I could score it. I hate dumping stuff down the drain.

Kirsten's Take:I was really excited to try this and it was..... Terrible! I like beer and cherries are fine but together they taste like vomit. It was sweet Luden's cherry cough drops and beer mixed together. Yuck -